Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Not only limited to costuming and furniture

This photo is the frame work for the roof and walls of the eight sided pavilon, which in 2010 will be replaced with a birch and maple frame, taking less volume in space to store and transport. The following photos to follow will show the different modes of setting up. The frame is made of 2x2 of spruce, and stain to a dark walnut stain. Hinging is done by eye screws and 3 inch x 1/4 inch bolts, wingnuts and fender washers. The next photo shows it in setup with the canvas roof panel less walls and the final photo shows the inner lining.

Below is shown the meeting chamber - one of three rooms designed into the 12 spoke Medieval pavilion. The Gustonbury chairs were made by M'Lady Christiana and they were made of maple lumber. Easy to take down and transport. The brass table was given to Christiana when her friend Kasper moved to Sask. She cleaned it up, and has been using it since at large scale camp out events. The above photo shows the final product of the development of the 12 spoke Medieval pavilion, with room enough for the bed chamber, kitchen and sitting chamber. A porch was later designed and added, and was all setup at Stepping Down Coronet (Connacht) May 2011. The base diameter of the pavilion without porch is 20 ft diameter with an average head height of 6 ft 6 inches, however the overall height without flag staff at top is 14 feet high. With linings, room divider drapes, roof panels, inner and outer, porch, and wall panels including frame, is an estamated weight for shipping of 175 lbs. Although no one would ever lift this amount of weight at once the most would be about 45 lbs when the roof and inner roof and center pole is lifted into vertical position. More photos of this pavilion can be found in the Medieval tent and pavilion link shown above.

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