Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Eight Sided Pavilon

This a veiw of the interior of pavilion - frame work and setup are shown below.

Shown here is the exterior view of the six sided and eight sided pavilon taken at Golden Swan event of 2007


  1. I adore your chests! Do you by chance sell then or work in trade?

    I know hobbies for me are hobbies, I don't want them to become work, however? If you are thinking of doing something soon I would love to pay for the wood and your time and perhaps make you some wondrous food?

  2. Please review the following site as I have included more furniture and a link to my private photo gallery. The site has totally been revamped. And to answer the question, yes I do make furniture for sale on a custom order basis. Cost is determine on project, shipping and handling is extra.