Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Cabinetry and Joinery (Games of chess)

This started out as a gift from a dear friend of a set of chessmen made of box wood and evony of which lead to making a new chessboard, coffin and stand. In the next photo this is shown in the pack down version ready to take to future events and chess matches. The board is made of tulip wood, and what I believe could be mahongony, the chest made of tulip wood and is velvet lined to hold the chessman. There is carving performed on both the board edges and the chess coffin. The board's carving is oak leaves, and the box, not shown here contains a cross over between a Celtic cross and a rose, with the front side containing rose leaves. The carving was preformed by M'Lady Christiana Elizabeth Constable.

This photo shows the board ready to go to an event.

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